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We are seeking highly talented individuals to join us in 2020. The following positions are still available:

Lead Trumpet, Trumpet, Mellophone, Baritone, Euphonium, Tuba
Color Guard


Choose one of the events below to audition in person or choose to submit a video audition.

Upcoming Camps

There are no upcoming camps for this season. Check back soon for new audition information.

Financial Responsibility

Fees cover the cost of food, housing, world-class instruction, shuttles, uniforms, equipment, transportation and administrative needs. These can be paid online, through the mail or over the phone.

The one-time audition/clinic fee is $200. Each full-weekend audition/clinic event and winter camp is FREE. If you do not sign up online and choose to sign up at an event, an additional $25 fee is added. Audition Packets are included in the $200 audition/clinic fee when you sign up online, but you can still buy the packet for $50 if you want to get a head start for next year.

After your audition, you will either be given a membership contract for The Cadets or given a callback to reaudition at the December Audition Callback. To reaudition, the fee is $125. 


A video audition is a great option if you can't attend one of the three in-person audition/clinic events. The video audition fee is $100 and the video requirements are found in the audition packets - which you will receive automatically for free when you register. Your caption manager will review your video and respond with feedback. Video submissions are ongoing. There is no deadline at this time. 


There are two options for paying membership fees. If paid in full by January 1, 2020, the fee is $4500 or, if placed on a monthly payment plan, the fee is $5000. Remember, you won't have to pay camp fees this season.

Frequently Asked Questions

It's important to be at an audition. Contact the Recruiter at to discuss your situation. We are glad to work out an alternative, but early communication is very important to give everyone a fair opportunity. You can also request a video audition.

All of the corps' equipment will be available at the camps, but there will be a lot of people there as well, particularly at the November Combined Audition. If necessary, we will rotate instruments between musicians throughout the weekend. The only way to guarantee yourself an instrument all weekend long is to bring your own. We do understand that it can be difficult to fly with certain instruments, so please use your judgment as to whether this pertains to your section. If you are driving to camp, please bring equipment with you. Also, please bring a mouthpiece and music stand with you if possible.

For remote auditions in Florida and Texas, you are required to bring your own equipment. The Cadets will not provide equipment for these events.

Audition packets are included when you register to audition or attend a clinic and contain tons of information about The Cadets with tips, exercises, techniques and much more. It is an essential tool for anyone interested in becoming a Cadet and required if you want to audition.

If you're not ready to register this year, you can get a jump start on next year and start practicing now by purchasing it in advance.

Front Ensemble
Color Guard

We don't believe in the traditional "cut" system of some other organizations. You are at the audition camp for experience and feedback, and we will do our best to send you home feeling great about your weekend. At the camp, each auditionee will have a one-on-one evaluation with a staff member. Based on that audition as well as staff observations throughout rehearsals, our caption supervisors will personally speak with each auditionee at the end of the weekend, assigning them a rating of 1, 2 or 3 and giving specific tips for improvement and a suggested course of action. 

Rating 1 - You're ready to be a Cadet. Start making plans for the summer.
Rating 2 - We feel you have potential of being a Cadet but would like you to work on specific things and join us for the next camp.
Rating 3 - We do not feel you're ready to be a Cadet this year but welcome you back to the next camp to continue making yourself better.

Students sleep in the school gymnasium and shower in the school locker rooms. Some bring sleeping bags, but airbeds are definitely the modern luxury on tour!

Most people wear exercise shorts and a T-shirt or tank top to rehearsals, regardless of the season. We won’t venture outside until the weather warms up, so the only warm clothes you’ll need will be to get to and from the airport. Be sure to wear pants in which you can freely move around. Tennis shoes are required. In case the school is chilly, dressing in layers is a good idea, so you may want to bring a pair of sweatpants and a hoodie with you as well.

The $200 audition/clinic and video audition fee are payable online when you register. Camp fees are free for the 2020 season. Once you're given a membership contract, you'll be able to pay your membership fees online.

Fees may seem like a huge expense, but it really breaks down to about $45 a day and includes four meals per day, travel, lodging, equipment, uniforms, instruction and fuel, not to mention the experience of a lifetime!
There are fundraisers available through the corps, and we will do our best to provide literature and information about raising funds to be a Cadet. Finances should NOT be a reason to stay away from the audition camp. Where there is a will, there is a way!

Audition/Clinic fee: $200
Membership Fee: $4500 if paid in full by January 1, 2020;   $5000 otherwise

Parents are not only allowed to come to camp, they are encouraged! We can always use more volunteer help with cooking, driving, sewing, building, etc., and we have specific rooms set aside for volunteers to stay with the corps. Please contact our Volunteer Coordinator if you have any questions about the volunteer experience or check out our Volunteer page here.

Modern drum corps are comprised of 150 performers who range in age from about 14 to 22. Each corps is made up of brass musicians, percussionists and a color guard. They perform an 11-minute program on a standard football field. Programs are extravaganzas of musical excellence, marching precision, color, drama and dance. All members of the corps (except the front percussion ensemble) march in intricate formations which are coordinated with the musical productions.

Brass musicians in The Cadets play on top-quality Yamaha trumpets, mellophones, baritones, euphoniums and tubas.

Percussion instruments include marching snare drums, tenor drums (often referred to as "quads" or "quints"), bass drums in five sizes and stationary "front ensemble" instruments including various drums, cymbals, tympani, mallets (marimba, vibraphone, xylophone and chimes) and electronic synthesizers.

The color guard adds color and drama through the coordinated use of flags, rifles, sabers and dance. The modern color guard is as much a dance ensemble and storyteller as it is a precision marching unit.

 Drum corps is an activity which attempts to do much more than provide a performance opportunity for students or entertainment for the audience. Through the drum corps experience, students will learn useful life skills such as leadership, goal-setting and teamwork, among others. The Cadets curriculum includes opportunities for students to exercise their potential not only as musicians, but as complete human beings.

We invite parents to come join us!

Whether at the winter camps or out on the road this summer for a couple of days or weeks, we couldn't do what we do without an amazing team of volunteers, and we would love for you to get involved.​

Visit our volunteer page for more information.

 Yes! This isn’t just about making the corps, it’s about becoming a better musician, learning from a great staff and meeting people from all over the country and world. You will learn a ton and you will have a great time.

 You are more than welcome to demonstrate your skills on your primary instrument, especially since these instruments may now appear in our programs. However, you will be asked to play some material on a marching brass instrument as well, since we still play primarily on those.

 The Cadets are not accepting applications for drum majors.

  • Brass handbook (placed in a binder w/sheet protectors)
  • Instrument
  • Mouthpiece
  • Pencil and pen
  • Folding music stand (if possible)
  • Cotton marching gloves (available for purchase at camp)

  • Assigned excerpt(s) (included in your brass handbook)
  • All exercises from the brass handbook
  • To sing and/or buzz
  • March and play any exercise from the handbook

All staff will base their decisions on ability and adaptability. Staff will look to see how quickly candidates can receive and apply information. During horn arc, sectionals and individual auditions, staff will listen for the following:

  • Tone quality
  • Intonation
  • Timing
  • Articulation
  • Flexibility
  • Range
  • Musicianship (style, dynamics, expression, etc.)
  • Ensemble blend
  • Continous mental focus in rehearsal


  • Come prepared. Do not make excuses! Be detail oriented - Slow and correct is better than fast and sloppy.
  • Practice the parts you cannot play well, not the parts you do play well.
  • Once all parts are played well, practice the longer phrases to build endurance.
  • Play for someone else to work on your nerves and to receive feedback. Record yourself to listen and evaluate.
  • Practice marking time and marching while playing.
  • Be open minded.
  • Relax and be yourself. Let the staff get to know you.

 With more than 20 certified music educators on our faculty, we take great care to use the correct embouchure and performance techniques. You will find from both brass and percussion standpoints, we teach no different than a symphonic approach to the instruments. The only exception would be the actual marching percussion as there are some differences to the sticking on a marching instrument vs. concert percussion. There are quite a few of our members that are successful music education iand music performance music majors."

 It is our mission to make sure every member has a great experience and is receiving an excellent education while with The Cadets. The staff and design team is comprised of professional working  musicians, college professors and outstanding high school educators from some for the top programs in the United States. Our team is one that will provide you with a positive, engaging experience where you can be pushed to grow as a musician and performer."

 Specific exercises and audition requirements will be in the brass handbook. Every candidate will be evaluated on their music and marching skills along with their attitude and personality. Each candidate will need to play individually for a member of the brass staff. This individual time will give candidates an opportunity to play the assigned excerpts as well as exercises from the brass handbook. This also gives each candidate a chance to interact directly with the staff and receive one on one instruction."


The corps has a full line of marching instruments, but due to the number of candidates auditioning, there may not be enough instruments to go around. For this reason, please bring your own marching instrument if you have access to one. You have the option to audition on any brass instrument of your choice, but staff will need to hear you on a bell front marching instrument during the Brass Routine and horn arc. Though you may bring your concert instrument to play for your audition, no french horns or trombones will be allowed in brass arcs. Concert tubas are acceptable if there are not enough marching tubas for each player.

If you are attending a remote audition location in Florida and Texas, you are required to bring your instrument. The Cadets will not provide brass instruments at these locations."


If you are driving to camp, please plan to arrive at the camp site by 7 p.m. on Friday evening.
If you’re taking a plane, bus or train, please plan to arrive at the airport in time for a 5 p.m. pickup on Friday evening. (We will pick you up whenever necessary, but this will ensure that you arrive at camp in time for registration and rehearsal.)

NOTE - Please refer to the event page for the camp you are attending for shuttle information and to ensure you fly to the correct airport.


Plan on leaving the school around 4 p.m. on Sunday. Please book all departures from the airport after 7 p.m. on this day.


All travel by plane, bus and train should be booked to arrive and depart from the airport listed on the event information page for the camp you are attending. 


Absolutely! We just need to know your travel arrangements. About one week before camp, we will email you a shuttle request form to collect your travel information. If you have any questions about shuttles, view the event information page for the camp you are attending or contact


Did you see The Cadets' live webinars? Meet the 2020 staff and learn what to expect at auditions here.

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2020 Audition Packets

Audition packets contain tons of information about The Cadets, tips, exercises and techniques, and much more. It is an essential tool for anyone interested in becoming a Cadet.

The packet is included in the $200 Audition/Clinic fee when you sign up online, but you can still buy the packet for $50 if you want to get a head start for next year.

Front Ensemble
Color Guard

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